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Switching from VCS, DVCS


I originally started to write this for a post in a closed, Open University forum for TT381 (Open Source Development Tools, part of Web Applications Development qualification). I wanted to widen the audience. So apologies if it reads a little odd for a web post. I don’t have time to rewrite it.

I was just wondering what version control system (or systems) you use at work, and if you have thought about how your ways of working, branching and migration of changes would map onto a DVCS, like GIT if your using a VCS like Subversion of CVS. Or maybe how a VCS would be used if you use a DVCS and had to switch back).

Last night I went to bed pondering how we do things at work using Subversion, and how I would be able to use GIT to achieve the same. We have a very prescribed way of managing changes, including when we move them. (Testing and other parts of life cycle need to be synced)

I had to setup the way we use subversion to accomplish the way the company wanted to work. I know it’s the simplest way we could setup Subversion, but it’s slightly unconventional. We don’t merge al changes back to a main trunk, and if I was to spend the time explaining you would see why.We have to use a very targeted management change, so working on a branch and merging it back to main trunk doesn’t work for a few reasons. We have to be able to tailor whats on a branch.

The up shot is, having proved for myself the way we use Subversion at work is probably the only way we could use it. This is based on considering the existing way is simple and effective, and that a better way of doing it would involve more complexity, and therefore more understanding and commitment from the rest of the team.

We could map the same way of working onto a DVCS, in this case GIT, very easily. And it would make migration of change operations allot quicker, simpler and easier. It would be easy to use a main trunk rather than successive branches.

So, my question is, would using a DVCS like GIT (pick your own poison here, Mercurial etc), improve your way of software development?

The only problem we would have is, that we have to have a custom made interface for our version control system, and switching is an effort. Creation of a new front end would take too much development time out and we have too many real world projects. Then the planning and switch over would incurr another over head and affect the whole team. So at least whilst writing the new GUI it’s just me offline for projects. Then there is the bedding in and ironing out of issues once we have switched. Of course not forgetting all that training.



2012 Goals

It’s August 11th 2011 and already I am starting to see what I want from 2012. Although personal priorities are not included!

  1. Open University
    1. Sign up and complete TT381
    2. Sign up and complete TT382
  2. Yoga Teaching
    1. British Wheel of Yoga – 15 CPD points – possibly from following list
      1. Vinyasa Course – bwy web
      2. Chakra and Teaching – bwy web
      3. Wisdom of the Heart (Mandala Yoga Ashram)
      4. Ongoing Training for MYA-Graduate Yoga Teachers (Mandala Yoga Ashram)
    2. Continue to Teach yoga classes, at least one class a week.
    3. Organise YTTC notes  (inc. recordings) for ongoing study and revision
  3. House – Clear out old stuff
  4. Visit friends in Spain
  5. If possible; Save towards India trip in 2013 for the World Yoga Convention will be held at Bihar School of Yoga in Munger September 7-13
  6. Theme for Year – Tidy and Focussed
  7. Spirit of the year – Simple and Spacious
  8. Continue with guitar and singing lessons
  9. Try and jam with friend
  10. Have fun

When I became the yoga teacher I wanted to be!

In April of 2010 I started teaching yoga as part of a yoga teaching course at the Mandala Yoga Ashram. In July of 2011 I completed that yoga teacher training course. However more important than that is that on November 9th 2011 my image of how I wanted to teach yoga came together extremely well.

How do I know that? First was that the key elements of my ideal way of teaching were in place, and also that at the end of the yoga class, and without me asking anyone, a yoga student came up to me and said “you were on fire tonight”, I said back “well it did feel really good for me, so it’s good you felt the same.”

What was my ideal way of teaching? The ability to have a well balanced and themed class planned, followed by an excellent delivery of instructions whilst maintaining a good flow for the students practising. In addition adding useful information between instructions about the postures and why we are doing them in the class, whilst using observation to adjust students (verbally) to help them with alignment or prevent them from getting an injury.

So it was on November 9th that I became the yoga teacher I always wanted to be. And now it’s to quote one of my teachers from the ashram, “Onwards and Upwards”.

Would you like to attend a yoga class with me? Then please visit www.yoga-bija.me.uk for more information of yoga classes in Nantwich (Cheshire) and Whitchurch (Shropshire).

2011 Goals

As 2010 nears to an end its a good time to workout what I want from 2011. I could drift through the year, but then I would look back and think what have achieved! Time, it’s precious, so I will focus on a few things that are important!

These are my aims for 2011. They are listed in level of importance to me looking at the year as a whole. As with everything, keeping a balance in the time I spend on these activities is key;

  1. Complete the yoga teacher training course, and PASS IT! – COMPLETED :-)
  2. Establish and maintain the teaching of regular yoga classes (building on my teaching from 2010) – ON COURSE
  3. Cultivate existing relationships – EASY AND ON COURSE
  4. Complete the last presentation of TT380 and plan for TT381 and TT382 (Open University) – SIGNED UP for TT380
  5. Attend regular yoga classes as a student – ONGOING
  6. Sort out the TV situation – No Need!
  7. Have fun – Friends and holidays happening :-)

Sharing the Joy

“If you can develop joy in the wonders of life and where your talents lay,
if you can cultivate attitudes of love and caring towards yoursef and others whilst single,
If you can remain accepting of how things are and work with, rather than against what is.

my friend,
you will know how to foster a loving relationship with another,
and have strong foundations for a happy future together.
“, – Russell Smithers

"Experience is the only teacher we have" – Swami Vivekananda