This is the personal website for Russell Smithers, and why not!

Why Have a Personal Website?

There are people who do not understand why I want my own website. I am sometimes asked why I need a website, and so I thought it was about time I explained.

  • One of my interests both personally and professionally involves web technologies, and so this website helps me keep up to date with my career.
  • I can store the RSS feeds from RSS Bandit on my website and use the same feeds at work, home or on anyones else computer. It is possible of course for a business to set all its staff to have common feeds so the business can communicate with it’s staff.
  • Having a website provides a personal email address, which can stay with you all the time you have a website (domain name). Over time it’s easy to accumulate different email address when you may have; changed ISP or decided to change email provider for some reason. So having your own email allows you to have the same email address over time or the ability to redirect it to a different email account.

Personal Statement

Like water, I am fluid and adaptable. I can be solid like a block of ice supporting the climber, dynamic enabling the canoeist to navigate the rapids, or like steam pervading all the little cracks finding what’s there to be found. My strength is not in how I appear, it is in how I adapt to the challenges I face.

The Move from my own CMS to WordPress

I had been writing my own CMS (Content Management System). My life has become so busy over recent years I now need to focus on helping people, organisations, and of course myself. This means it is time for me to embrace a fully fledged and maintained CMS system, so that, I can focus on what I do.

There were two reasons why I originally decided to write my own CMS system. One was as a practical way to learn about creating a CMS system, and the other was because I needed a website I could edit from anyone’s web browser. Of course I also had the time available to undertake writing my own CMS system which was a good combination of factors.
I have had allot of fun writing my own Content Management System (CMS) for this website, and indeed have learnt a great deal about MySQL, PHP, and CSS to name a few technical aspects. I am happy to have proved I can create a CMS system, it is just a shame my time and commitments do not allow me to develop this further. So in the spirit of using an open source well designed/implemented CMS system, I have moved to WordPress for the medium term.

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"Experience is the only teacher we have" – Swami Vivekananda