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As my job is such a big part of my life in many ways, I thought a website about me wouldn’t be complete without a list of some of the more interesting bits of software I have developed.

  • Geocode lookup – A DLL written in C++ that KCML links to by use of a $DECLARE to perform google geocode lookups. This includes finding an address from latitude/longitude and getting latitude and longitude from an address. Utilises the Winsock2 facilities of Windows.
  • Subversion interface – Written in KCML to handle the specifics of binary and source files. It includes the duplication of working areas and auto update of kconf.xml file with the new service and and custom environment variables.
  • CVS Interface written in C# .NET
  • Web based summary report page that collates information about rsync jobs from multiple servers. Written in PHP/HTML/XML and making use of cron jobs and configuration files.
  • Web Based Content Management System – Written PHP/HTML and MySQL
  • Standard Deviation – Program to work out standard deviation and to show the workings out. (Personal project)
  • Java Calculator – A Fully working program with tutorial on how to create one. (Personal project)
  • Sudoku solver – Written in Java using holographic logic (Personal project)
  • Client/Server – Simple example of using sockets to communicate between a client and server.
  • Create Excel Spread Sheets – Written in C# .NET

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