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Sharing the Joy

“If you can develop joy in the wonders of life and where your talents lay,
if you can cultivate attitudes of love and caring towards yoursef and others whilst single,
If you can remain accepting of how things are and work with, rather than against what is.

my friend,
you will know how to foster a loving relationship with another,
and have strong foundations for a happy future together.
“, – Russell Smithers

How to Explore Yourself

I’m in the middle of reading some MySpace blogs, and a thought arose about how we can explore ourselves as people.¬† So how many ways can I think of at the moment, lets see;

  1. Face your fears, maybe start with the small ones to get into practice.
  2. Discover your likes and dislikes, and go into both a bit more deeply
  3. Blogs, find peoples blogs (like MySpace) that you like, and look at thoughts and feelings  that arise, maybe commenting what you find against the blog you read. You may like to look at some different blogs that are available.
  4. Try understanding people, maybe pick one you don’t like and one you do, and see where it leads
  5. Go boldly into the unknown (maybe facing fears), do something different once in a while.
  6. Change your life and routines. Maybe there are negative routines you could stop, or new positive routines that will be useful. I find that it’s good to always keep an eye on your self and your life and make changes anytime they are appropriate. There is no need to wait and make new years resolutions.
  7. Engage more with the community, go along to events.
  8. Volunteer to help others. It’s amazing what you learn about your self.

For now that’s all I can think of. I would love to hear your thoughts, so why not sign up and post some comments against this blog article.

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