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Sharing the Joy

“If you can develop joy in the wonders of life and where your talents lay,
if you can cultivate attitudes of love and caring towards yoursef and others whilst single,
If you can remain accepting of how things are and work with, rather than against what is.

my friend,
you will know how to foster a loving relationship with another,
and have strong foundations for a happy future together.
“, – Russell Smithers

Earths Wisdom

As the gaze of the Sun ever watchful, looks towards Earth
Earth rotates, and gracefully passes under her watchful eye

Earth always asleep and awake, as the Sun’s gaze comes and goes
The caress of the Sun, awakening lands of Earth
While nighttime comes and puts to bed, the tired lands

Earth’s wisdom to always rotate, giving all it’s lands the chance to rest and play
As all mothers know, Earth looks after her children and bears their sorrows
But children do not always know what pain they cause their mother

Copyright © 2008 by Russell Smithers

The Sailor Harnessing Winds of Change

Each moment of each day, the winds blow or go
The winds caress or lack of, relentlessly influences our world

Sometimes calm seas allow rest and reflection
Other times the wildness of change stirs us to action

Kept on our toes are those who embrace the sailor’s journey
Ever watchful and willing to act as the moment requires

The artful sailor experiences much on the journey
And at the destination the fruits of the journey manifest

The sailor appreciates the destination the more for the effort to arrive
Than for the sake of being at the destination

After all
Too long at the destination
The sailor is restless and leaves for another journey
Another destination, another cycle of mixed experiences

Cycles within cycles
Winds and stillness
Ying and yang

The wise sailor knows, all is within and expressed to the world

Copyright Russell Smithers


We have the power to do whatever we want.
All we have to do is take action and create it.

Taking action may require us to confront ourselves,
or, we may celebrate who we are, because we can.

Pleasure or Pain can gain, but just one creates imbalance.

Push through your barriers or embrace your joy.
In any case, take action by using your power to transform.

Do you really want to stagnate?

No, then go forth and live.
Yes, what, you want to stagnate? Err, why?

Copyright Russell Smithers