Natural World

I have just finished watching an episode of South Pacific on BBC Television, and the two things that strike me are 1) the shots of earth from space and nature, and 2) some of the ways man has meddled in nature and upset the natural balance and harmony to bad effect. Nature is so beautiful, modern life distracts us, and mankind meddles in what it may never understand. We harness nature at our peril. We are part of nature not separate, and yet the way mankind arrogantly behaves and treats nature, is creating a man made bubble that must surly burst some day.

Fabian Perez and My Love for Art

A friend (on Facebook) just introduced me to Fabian Perez, wow, what an awesome artist.

I love art because it’s a form of communication. The artist in creating the art say something about themselves, and most importantly, for what feelings, thoughts, inspirations and imaginations the art reveals to me, a voyeur of art and the inner realms. It helps me understand myself and feel different things, just like if you were to close your eyes and with attention caress the surface of some object, in order to understand it sensually.

Lets start with “Selling Pleasures“, I first saw this out of context and hadn’t seen the title of the picture, so my comments are based from that perspective. I like this picture because of the smile and ambiance. My imagination is sparked in the way taste buds reveal flavor when food is eaten. Whats happening around her and with her? If I were to meet her in that situation, what would she be like to chat with? This would be excellent to use in a writing class. Im sure time permitting I could write an entire short story around this one picture.

Selling Pleasures II“, I love this one because the smile on the attractive face, combined with the posture and surroundings invokes feelings of happiness and intrigue, intrigue because im wondering what has caused her to feel that way? What would it be like to be involved in the social situation that precipitated that moment, and of course what happens next?

So here are some others I like;

  • Sunflower – Soft natural gentleness with the added intrigue on what could she be feeling and thinking
  • Flamenco Dancer – The mystery, what does she look like? how will she dance and express her self?
  • Dancer in Red – Just the moment of interplay between possibly arriving and leaving
  • Samurai – This represents visually, my inner strength, discernment and focus on whats important in life.
  • Old Self Portrait – The picture says it all.

I also love modern art and sculpture, and of course, written art.

Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts


I have just started to read a book called Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts). The first paragraph is amazing, I get the feeling that this will be like Star Maker (Olaf Stapldon) not because of the content, but because the first paragraph in both books are awsom, and in Star Maker each page was no decent from the original greatness of the first paragraph. Maybe Shantaram will be like that, according to the reviews it will be. Third time lucky, he wrote this book 3 times in prison, 1000 pages (nearly), the first two copies the guards in his prison trashed. Amazing, I shall read on.

All the best


Well I decided to try twitter, I have known about it for some time, but seeing it on the gadget show convinced me to try it. I like it, it looks like it will be a good supplement to my Facebook, myspace and WordPress blogs.

It’s very versatile, for example there are wordpress plugins that let you update twitter, or be updated from twitter. Also with facebook is you add the right application, you can update twitter, and have twitter update your profile on face book, and so type once and it can update facebook, myspace and wordpress blogs to name a few.

It’s worth playing with for sure, and if you don’t like it you can delete your account.

"Experience is the only teacher we have" – Swami Vivekananda