How to Explore Yourself

I’m in the middle of reading some MySpace blogs, and a thought arose about how we can explore ourselves as people.  So how many ways can I think of at the moment, lets see;

  1. Face your fears, maybe start with the small ones to get into practice.
  2. Discover your likes and dislikes, and go into both a bit more deeply
  3. Blogs, find peoples blogs (like MySpace) that you like, and look at thoughts and feelings  that arise, maybe commenting what you find against the blog you read. You may like to look at some different blogs that are available.
  4. Try understanding people, maybe pick one you don’t like and one you do, and see where it leads
  5. Go boldly into the unknown (maybe facing fears), do something different once in a while.
  6. Change your life and routines. Maybe there are negative routines you could stop, or new positive routines that will be useful. I find that it’s good to always keep an eye on your self and your life and make changes anytime they are appropriate. There is no need to wait and make new years resolutions.
  7. Engage more with the community, go along to events.
  8. Volunteer to help others. It’s amazing what you learn about your self.

For now that’s all I can think of. I would love to hear your thoughts, so why not sign up and post some comments against this blog article.

Copyright Russell Smithers

Making a Successful Funding Application

January 11 2008 I attended a course on funding applications, so why am I publishing this now? I wrote this draft on the 11th and having just reviewed it, I thought I would publish it.

The topics covered were;

  • Applications for Awards for all and Reaching Communities
  • Where to go for other grants
  • The emphasis on outcomes
  • What the funders want to see
  • Sustainability

Here are some of the key things I remembered.

There is allot of funding available for a range of organisations, although it is getting more difficult to get funding this shouldn’t deter people from applying.

The most important aspect of an application is the outcomes, a few points on this;

  1. What are you trying to achieve
  2. Demonstrate who benefits, including who and how many people
  3. Do not whatever you do ask for less money than you need. Funders know projects won’t work if you don’t have all the money you need. Ask for the real cost!
  4. Use numbers not percentages. Percentages mean nothing to some one reading the form.
  5. Kick start funding, some organisations will only fund one project, which is good to get started, but then you need another funder to continue for regular annual support
  6. Once you have received funding, and used it for what is was meant for, it is easier to get more funding
  7. Make sure you fill the form in correctly, %40 of lottery applications fail
  8. There are people who can help you
  9. Try and get 3 people to check your application form like some one who is;
  • from your organisation
  • not involved with the organisation
  • experienced in making funding applications and advising others

Obviously there is allot more to the course than just these snippets, but I thought a quick post with a few pointers may help some people. I might write more about funding in the coming years depending on how my life plans out.

The Sailor Harnessing Winds of Change

Each moment of each day, the winds blow or go
The winds caress or lack of, relentlessly influences our world

Sometimes calm seas allow rest and reflection
Other times the wildness of change stirs us to action

Kept on our toes are those who embrace the sailor’s journey
Ever watchful and willing to act as the moment requires

The artful sailor experiences much on the journey
And at the destination the fruits of the journey manifest

The sailor appreciates the destination the more for the effort to arrive
Than for the sake of being at the destination

After all
Too long at the destination
The sailor is restless and leaves for another journey
Another destination, another cycle of mixed experiences

Cycles within cycles
Winds and stillness
Ying and yang

The wise sailor knows, all is within and expressed to the world

Copyright Russell Smithers


We have the power to do whatever we want.
All we have to do is take action and create it.

Taking action may require us to confront ourselves,
or, we may celebrate who we are, because we can.

Pleasure or Pain can gain, but just one creates imbalance.

Push through your barriers or embrace your joy.
In any case, take action by using your power to transform.

Do you really want to stagnate?

No, then go forth and live.
Yes, what, you want to stagnate? Err, why?

Copyright Russell Smithers

Things I Remember

Earlier today I was mentioning to a friend how I remember certain things, and so I thought I would share a brief list of things I remember. I may even order them by date and add some extra details when I have time.

  • The half pence coin
  • Pound notes
  • Polo’s were 7 pence
  • Berlin Wall coming down
  • Black and White Television and getting our first Colour TV
  • The birth of home computing
  • Before Mobile phones
  • Sundays without shop opening

MySpace Posts in 2007

The following are lists of the blogs I have made on MySpace in 2007. There a few missing mostly a few without category’s which no one needs to waste their time reading. I excluded the Life and News category’s because to be honest it’s not worth reading them.

I also have to apologise about the layout of the following lists, they are not as nice as I would like, but it’s the best I could do in a reasonable amount of time.


Date Subject Comments Kudos
12/28/2007 09:36 People are Soft and Pampered 2 2
12/27/2007 23:05 Earth is Tolerant 2 4
12/27/2007 10:47 Be the change you seek in the world 1 2
12/16/2007 09:31 The best gift to give yourself 2 2
11/13/2007 20:52 My big decision 3 4
11/13/2007 08:20 Today I feel 4 2
10/23/2007 20:18 Me and Dyslexia, there is hope. 3 4
10/23/2007 19:46 Take your journey seriously, but not life. 5 4
10/22/2007 07:00 It’s Tricky Helping Others 6 6
10/13/2007 18:32 What is Yoga? 0 0
10/10/2007 13:47 Yoga – Even breathing 0 0
10/09/2007 18:42 Yoga – Developing and Mantaining a Personal Practice 0 0
10/09/2007 18:21 Ashtanga Yoga – Breath in Asana Practice 0 0


Writing and Poetry

Date Subject Comments Kudos
12/26/2007 22:11 Dalai Lama: Developing Compassion 1 2
12/22/2007 13:09 Dalai Lama: Our Potential 0 0
12/19/2007 09:07 Aristotle: The wise man does not … 0 0
12/19/2007 09:02 Dalai Lama: With realization … 1 2
12/14/2007 14:09 Dalai Lama: Prime Purpose 1 2
10/24/2007 18:09 Favourite Quotes 3 2
10/24/2007 18:02 Gazing out of the window 2 4
10/18/2007 19:04 Wise People Communicate With Actions 3 4
10/18/2007 08:30 Language of the Wise 4 4
10/18/2007 08:19 Riding the Crest of a Wave 2 0

Movies, TV, Celebrities

Date Subject Comments Kudos
12/23/2007 01:30 Mystery Space Machines Above … 0 0


Dreams and the Supernatural

Date Subject Comments Kudos
12/23/2007 01:17 The Cosmic Plan by Sixto Paz Wells 0 0


Web, HTML, Tech

Date Subject Comments Kudos
12/22/2007 09:15 Java: The Start of My Journey 4 2
12/14/2007 08:36 Appreciating Technology – OO and YOU 3 2


Religion and Philosophy

Date Subject Comments Kudos
12/18/2007 13:15 Christmas Day 1 1
12/09/2007 01:34 Freedom, and walking! 4 2
11/28/2007 20:30 Is repetitive action virtuous action? (Quote by J. Krishnamurti) 2 2
11/28/2007 08:07 The birds are free, are we? 3 2
11/28/2007 08:04 Helping Ourselves to Help Others 2 2
11/28/2007 08:02 Understanding above Judgement 2 2
11/28/2007 07:47 Why practice yoga? 2 2
11/13/2007 08:16 Helping Ourselves to Help Others 3 2
11/13/2007 08:11 Self realisation, taking the first step 3 2
11/13/2007 08:07 The most positive action… 1 2
11/12/2007 07:39 Western thinking finds the east 3 2
10/23/2007 21:04 Reading Material 4 4
10/13/2007 21:21 Understanding: moving into harmony 0 0
10/10/2007 08:10 The need to rise above our situation 0 0



Date Subject Comments Kudos
12/18/2007 02:06 Facebook: Character – Predicting Accumulated Star Magic 3 2


School, College, Greek

Date Subject Comments Kudos
10/15/2007 06:49 Exam Day (Java/M257) 0 0
10/14/2007 14:06 Revision: Last phase before sitting exam 0 0
10/14/2007 09:48 Last Revision Day 0 0
10/14/2007 07:27 Revising: Creating a suitable atmosphere 0 0
10/13/2007 19:48 Exam Revision: List and focus on problem areas 0 0
10/13/2007 19:26 Revising for Exams 0 0
10/13/2007 13:30 2 Revision days left 0 0
10/12/2007 08:11 3 Revision days left (M257) 0 0
10/11/2007 09:39 4 Revision days left 0 0

Increasing Website Visits – Some Links

I just wanted to share the following links as they relate to increasing website visits.

  1. How I Quadrupled My Blog’s TrafficIn 3 Months
  2. Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon: How to Build Massive Traffic to Your Website
  3. 51 Favourite SU, Sphinn, Twitter & FacebookPosts of 2007
  4. Stumbleupon Mathematics for Stumblers

To tell you the truth I wanted to read these and possibly make use of them, except I don’t have time right now, so I thought I could share them here, and come back when I have the time.

"Experience is the only teacher we have" – Swami Vivekananda