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Recipe: Veggie Stir Sweet Potato and Nuts

Here is a recipe, I just made it up. Well I kind of have been playing with the idea over a few cooking sessions. I am afraid it’s not the usual recipe, just guidelines, cooking by eye.

Sweat Potato in oven for 45 mins

Parsnip cut into wedge chunks oven for 30 mins

Boil Quinoa for 20 minutes (after washed)

The veg mix: Veg cut up into small bits, not finely chopped but getting close, I used carrots, broccoli and brussel sprouts (whatever you like). Add to this red onion, crushed almonds and whole cashew nuts.

Prepare a big saucepan with virgin olive oil and warm up. Add the veg mix and let it warm but not fry, so the oil stops sticking, but isn’t frying.

The quinoa, parsnip and sweet potato should finish cooking at the same time if you worked out the time offsets 🙂 leaving the veg mix (but not ignoring) and making sure it’s not burning (not too hot, has enough oil and is stirred occasionally). Now throw in the parsnip and quinoa, then being careful not to burn you’re self, cut the parsnip in two, and strip off the skin, then cut into slithers. Throw the sweat potato into the mix and leave for a few minutes, stirring etc.

Then serve and enjoy, of course add salt and pepper and stuff to taste 🙂

Yum yum yum 🙂