Hi, im Russell thanks for visiting the site.

I have a passion for software development and technology. I am highly interested in teams and collaboration. Presently I am a Senior Software developer within an R&D company but have plenty of commercial experience behind me. Presently developing solutions, leading teams and providing technical direction on projects.

Comfort zones are meant to be left behind.
Challenges are meant to be faced.
Evolution towards our true potential is the best goal to have.

It’s not healthy to remain permanently in your comfort zone.
Nor is it healthy to limit yourself and not rise to a challenge.

Not only do I have a passion for solving problems and delivering on business objectives, but I also like presenting, training and mentoring(coaching) people.

For me being a softwarre developer is more than just coding. Coding is an important activity, but without all the other activities which lead into and out of the coding activities there would be no software. For a full fledged software developer it’s important to know more than just how to code.

Therefore with all my experience and interests withing software development I have a wealth of experience and capability to offer not only an employer, but also those individuals that are interesting in one to one help with their career.