Go Programming

Okay so recently I decided to start learning a new langauge, it’s called Go. I thought that I would share a few links in a post for those who might find it interesting and would like some pointers to websites.

What is Go? “The Go programming language is an open source project to make programmers more productive.”(

How is it best to get started with learning Go? The Go website actually has a nice little tutorial (click here) which is the best initial introduction you can do for the language. The tutorial only takes about 15 minutes once you install what you need.

What do you do next? So you have finished the tutorial, maybe done some reading about why Go is worth learning (click here). Pick a small project and learn by doing is a good approach.

What project should you pick? Well Go is very good at creating web APIs, so maybe write an API. It is worth using the basic HTTP (click here) go package first. Once you can do something with the basic HTTP package, you might want to switch to using Gin (click here). Gin is a very perfomant and well used package for writing web APIs. However it really is worth understanding the basic HTTP package first.

You may also be interested in checking out what Go can be used for (click here), in terms of use cases.

In summary I have found Go to be a great language to learn. More companies are adopting it, it’s very performant, and easy/quick to learn. I spent a weekend getting up to speed in it, and I would happily use it for new projects, or rewrite apis that are too slow.